Scaling up a New Generation of Young Organic Farmers

29-30 August 2022

Maetha Community, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Learning Process:

29 August 2022
09.00-10.00– Knowing oneself and knowing others
– Expectation
10.00-12.30– Where are we in the food system?
– Personal reflection on the success and unsuccess
12.30-13.30Lunch Break
13.30-17.00Problem Tree Analysis
19.00-20.30Documentary on Seeds and Food
30 August 2022
08.30-9.30Preparation for Presentation
09.30-12.00Presentation on Personal Vision and Mission
12.00-13.00Lunch Break
13.00-14.30The Future Collaboration
14.30-15.30Wrap-up and Feedback


This is one of the first gathering among young farmers in Thailand, after 2-years COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The young farmers have been working in their community and their project area for production, distribution, and consumption sector. Many of them produce the organic food and preserve local seeds, and some of them work with the community as a supporter and establishing social enterprise.

1. Ms. Kassirin PaiboonAlternative Agriculture Network (AAN)
2. Mr. Amnauy NiyompainiwetYoung Farmer from Nong Tao Community
3. Ms. Mathana Aphaimool       Young Farmer from Maetha Community
4. Mr. Aphisak KamphenYoung Farmer from Maetha Community
5. Mr. Sarawoot VongkawinYoung Farmer from Maetha Community
6. Ms. Sriphrae Duang-Kaew-RuenYoung Farmer from Maetha Community
7. Mr. Yutthisak Yuen-Noi Young Farmer from Maetha Community
8. Mr. Anocha ParameesakYoung Farmer from Lamphun Province
9. Mr. Pongsakorn KawichaiFarmer Supporter from Maejo University
10. Ms. Jaruwan SopolraiYoung Farmer from Ubon Ratchatani Province
11. Mr. Boommi CharikhrueaYoung Farmer from Ubon Ratchatani Province
12. Ms. Kamuengnuch WongyenYoung Farmer from Ubon Ratchatani Province
13. Ms. Tongtip PhumiwongYoung Farmer from Roi-Et Province
14. Mr. Sompong WoragoolYoung Farmer from Chon Buri Province

Group Expectations:

  • Learning from the local wisdoms or experienced people in the community.
  • Gaining more ideas and collaborative works.
  • Building a group or a network of like-minded people.
  • Sharing and learning about tools and methods for systemic thinking, logical thinking, and food for change concepts.
  • Visiting and learning from Maetha community.

Food Systems:

The participants were divided into 3 small groups, to shared and discussed about the food system about the production, distribution, and consumption to understand the big picture of the system and the connectivity of the different key factors such as the monocrop and the industrial farm, including the agriculture laws and regulations are the cause of the problems, and contribute to the global warming.

The corporate tried to monopolize food in the markets by the using mechanism of mass production and modern trade.

The consumers, particularly the people in the urban area, are taken by the corporate control and the influence of the media. So, the impacts are changing food culture from local food to fast food, causing massive food loss and food waste, lack of food security & nutrition, creating health issues such as the NCDs, and etc.

After the sharing and discussion on the current food systems, the participants tried to identify their work and their positioning in the foods system. The group found that everyone is a part of if the complex systems, and it is important that they are playing in the different sectors and working closed-loop in the food systems.

Later the participants worked on the problem tree to analyze the core problem, the causes of the problem, and the impacts.

The process of problem tree analysis

  1. Analyze the situation and identity the problems, then select the main problem.
  2. Identify the causes and effects of the problem.
  3. Categorize the causes of the problem.
  4. Transform the “Problem Tree” to “Solution Tree”
  5. Consider and select an appropriate approach for the problem solving.

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