40th Anniversary of the Right Livelihood Award

The Education for Right Livelihood to Inspire Change – connecting activism and academia

21 February 2020

Chulakongkorn University, Bangkok

As the Right Livelihood Award is approaching its 40th Anniversary and the Right Livelihood College is celebrating 10 years, our common global challenges are becoming increasingly acute and tangible when it comes to for example the climate crisis, authoritarian governance, the continuous threat of violent conflict including the use of nuclear weapons and growing inequality between rich and poor. At this crucial time in human history, Right Livelihood Award Laureates hold in their hands a whole mosaic of proven solutions for a peaceful, just, and sustainable world, and the Right Livelihood College is emerging as a creative platform for Laureates to share their knowledge and discuss with students. The collaboration of Laureates is essential to making the College an even more effective network for Inspiring Change, not least in the coming decisive decade. 

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