Young Organic Farmers: Seeds Journey Seeds Saving and Seeds Production

31 August 2022

ECHO Asia Impact Centre, Chiang Mai

The young farmers from the Isaan Y-Farm and Mekong Nomad Network visited the ECHO Asia Impact Center- A Small Farm Resource Center and Seed Bank- to learn about the low cost and effective appropriate technology for small scale farming community and family farmers.

ECHO is dedicated to fighting world hunger through innovative options, agricultural training, and networking with individuals and organizations.

Seed storage facilities, there are many diverse options from the expensive and high-tech facilities down to low-cost and low-maintenance model, for example.

  • Seed Bank Cold Room, climate-controlled for temperature and humidity.
  • Container Cold Room, retrofitted refrigerated shipping container.
  • Insulated Cold Room, foam insulated split-unit A/C cold room.

Earthbag Seed Storage House, this research is aiming to study the low-cost natural storing seeds in Thailand. The result from the data collected in Thailand and Myanmar site, generally indicate a significant stabilization of temperature and humidity in the earth bag house.

The earth building facilities appear to be poor storage facilities for seeds, due to their high rage of relative humidity, which can quickly deteriorate seed quality, in both Thailand and Myanmar. Seed gemination rates of unsealed seed plummeted from 94% to less than 50% within just 3 months of storage.

However, in combination with vacuum sealing, seed germination rates in each the facilities remained steady over the course of one year, maintaining germination rate above 90% at the end of the experiment.

Appropriate Technology for Seed Saving

@ECHO Asia Impact Centre

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