Partners and Advisors

Towards Organic Asia brings together practitioners, experienced farmers young farmers, and scholars to shared expertise and develop common framework and vision to promote organic agriculture in its holistic sense of agroecology in Asia.


  • Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH Research (CBS)
  • National Organic Programme (NOP), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
  • College of Natural Resources (CNR), Royal University of Bhutan


  • Cambodian Center for Study and Development in Agriculture (CEDAC)
  • Towards Organic Cambodia Partnership (CambodianNGOs collaboration)
  • International Volunteers of Yamagata (IVY)


  • Metta Development Foundation (Metta)
  • Kalyanamitta Development Foundation (KMF)
  • Gaia Sustainable Management Institute (GSMI)


  • Participatory Development Training Centre (PADETC)
  • Panyanivej Organic Farm
  • Association to Support the Development of Peasant Societies (ASDPS)
  • Buddhism for Development Project (BDP)


  • School for Wellbeing Studies and Research (SFW)
  • Thai Green Market Network (GMN)
  • Suan Nguen Mee Ma social enterprise
  • Spirit in Education Movement (SEM)
  • Maejo University and Academic Network
  • Alternative Agriculture Network (AAN)
  • Khao Kwan Foundation (KKF)
  • City Farm Movement
  • Mae Tha Farmers’ Cooperative 
  • Institute for Sustainable Agriculture Community (ISAC)
  • Srinakarinwirot University (SWU)
  • Chulalongkorn University (CU)


  • Community Entrepreneurship Development Institute (CENDI)
  • Human Ecology Practical Area (HEPA)
  • HEPA Eco-farming School
  • Ecolink 
  • PGS Vietnam

TOA Advisors

  • Dasho Karma Ura, CBS, Bhutan
  • Khesang Tshomo, NoP, Bhutan
  • Tashi Dorji, Ura Village, Bhutan
  • Dr. A. Thimmaiah, BAFRA, Bhutan
  • Dr. Sisaliao Svengsuksa, ASDSP, Laos
  • Vansy Pathammavong, Hed Yu Tham Kin, Laos
  • Bobo Lwin, Kalayanamitra Foundation, Myanmar
  • Ko Tar, Simplicity Circle Group, Myanmar
  • Thet Naing Thun, Myanmar Green Consumer Network, Myanmar
  • Sai Sam Kham, Metta Development Foundation, Myanmar
  • Tran Thi Lanh, SPERI, Vietnam
  • Daycha Siripatra, Khao Kwan Foundation, Thailand
  • Dr. Somkid Kaewthip, Maejo University
  • Dr. Chomchuan Boonrahong, Maejo University and ISAC, Thailand
  • Dr. Kasidith Uechiewcharnkit, Thammasat University, Thailand
  • Supha Yaimuang, Alternative Agriculture Network, Thailand
  • Suthep Kulsri, Thailand
  • Somboon Chungprempree, SEM, Thailand
  • Payong Srithong, Thailand
  • Nakorn Limpakooptathaworn, City Farm Movement, Thailand