Project Management and Organization Development

20 August 2022

Satherakoses-Nagapradipha Foundation, Klong San, Bangkok

Permaculture: Practical Experience for Community Development and Food Movement

Sharing and Discussion:

The projects under the Satherakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation gathered to share about the project management and discuss about the collaboration for organization development. This meeting aimed for follow up the last meeting and looking forward.

Group Expectations

  • To understand each other projects under the SNF.
  • To bring the awareness of the project members and the committee about the vision & mission of the projects the SND, and updating situation on gap, regularization and optimization of the current works.
  • To release the full potential of SNF team for social changes by improve the contents and skill of the secretariat level, and empower the working group level.
  • To install the ongoing process for working group capacity building regarding the hardware, software, and communication

The Topic and Process:

  • Introduction & Check-in “Current work-life assessment”– Sharing individual’s goal in life and the experience to balance work and inner growth.
  • Vision and Mission– Reviewing the past history, present challenges and the future role of SNF.
  • Group Reflection– Discussion on new perspectives, understanding and inspiration.
  • “Where do we go from here?”– Unification of personal goals and assimilation of individual’s needs.
  • “What are the challenges?”– Situational gap analysis and prioritization.
  • “How can we get there?”– Design tentative road map, timeline and joint activities.

Lessons Learned:

Understand the structure of the organization, the contexts of the work, and the culture of the network. Even thought, we work on different issues but we share the same vision on social change, and be a part of social transformation.

Understand the convention of the project cycle management, it helps the working team to shape the scope of work and project results.

Understand the project cycle management concepts and tools, to strengthen the working group and develop the organization.

Understand the weakness of the project/organization and how to improve it, for example, the team members are lacking of knowledge management, working process, and tools in order to evaluate the result and build the body of knowledge of the project.

Steps Forwards:

The team members see the important of the project for social change, and try to develop or improve the project towards social transformation and social justice, on top of the activity-based and networking.

The team need to clarify the work whether it’s a programme or a project

  • To discuss with partner to develop a commons goal, objectives, and indicators.
  • To identify the work in term of issue-based and area based.

The organizations and projects under the Satherakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation planned for further discussion and collaborations- the 3-day workshop joint formulation- to develop the shared goal and synergize the works in supporting the changes of the society.

Intentionally, the shared goal of the Network is about thriving for the “Just Society” and will consist of the 5 elements which would nourish the team members and network in order to collaborate their activities, that lead to outputs, outcomes, and impacts towards the desirable society.

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