Young Farmers Network and Practical Work Experience

Organic Agriculture Management Training: Practical Work Experience from Maetha Community

21-27 August 2021

The current situation of farming is creating a lot of impacts on social, ecology, and economy system, even though the climate change issue is creating a difficult and unpredictable situation for agriculture. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic courses us a huge health and economic impacts, and affirming the importance of the food security and sustainable food systems. Organic farming can play an important role to tackle social, health, and environmental issues in the societies. However, one critical situation of farming is a number of farmers are decreasing, for example, in Thailand the average age of farmers has increased from 35 to 55 years within 25 years. Also, a new generation doesn’t want to farm / don’t’ know how to farm sustainably.

TOA would like to provide a collaborative platform of individual and organization to work together at national and regional level to strengthen organic agriculture / agroecology in Asia. Focusing on organic agriculture/ agroecology as the heart of global transformation. Therefore, TOA is focusing on building capacity of a next generation and youth to support community spirit, economy sustainability, and care for nature through the organic agriculture and agroecology.

YOF supported young people to deepen the understanding about organic agriculture in many aspects (such as management, local issues, climate change adaptation, and farming techniques), to build up the capacity of young people who are interested in and practicing farming. The online training was held from 21 to 27 August 2021,  there were 33 participants for the whole programme, and maximum 50 people, from 10 Countries- Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippine, Thailand, and Vietnam. We had a fruitful sharing and discussion. During the training there were lecture, presentation, questions and answers, discussion, breakout room sharing, and individual assignment.

Introduction to Maetha Community
Farming and Climate Actions
Participants 2021

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