Gross National Happiness

Gross National Happiness: Advocacy to Grassroot Development

29 July 2021

Organized by Inter-religious for Climate & Ecology (ICE) Network, Soul Farmers, and Towards Organic Asia.

A platform for activists and change agents to raise the awareness on alternative economic growth mode, tackle climate change and environmental issues, and build the collaboration for sustainable and resilience communities.

Expected Target Group: Environmental Activists, Youth, and others in Asia (For example, Young Organic Farmers, Environmental Educators, and Korean Activists)


By discussing GNH, create the awareness of alternative for economic growth since the root cause of current challenge including climate change is the current development model. Many communities are building certain model to replace GDP/GNP model, and GNH is the rare model which is working as economic development model on national level. We can share the GNH concepts and practical examples to offer the picture of alternative with space for the participants to think and discuss about it. 

In total, there were 72 people participated in this event, we successfully created a platform for discussion on the society that we want when we promote GNH, the principle of GNH, and how we can collaborate for the next steps. So, TOA will collaborate with ICE network to work on an online training about climate change and agroecology for young people and the activists.

For more information about ICE network please contact

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