Young Organic Farmer (YOF) 2016

Mekong Youth Alliance for Organic and Sustainable Agriculture “Living and Climate Change Adaptation for Agriculture”

2nd – 10th October 2016, Cambodia

The 5th Young Organic Farmers (YOF) 2016 was held in October, they were together 13 participants, came from Myanmar, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to build capacity for a group of young farmer through process of mutual learning and hand on experiences in order to encourage organic and sustainable agriculture in Mekong region and Asian level, to exchange and share agricultural situation among partner countries and strengthen network of young organic farmers and to understand and learn new methods, techniques, strategies for mitigating and adapting climate change impacts on farming.

The YOF this year was co-created by TOA and CEDAC, therefore the participants has gain more understandings and techniques on Living and Climage Change Adaptation from CEDAC working experiences at Natural Agriculture Product Farm in Takeo such as World Foodless Day Workshop, Dried Compost,Liquid Fertilizer, Integrated Livestock, Water Management and Irrigation System, and Harvesting Activity. The coordinator was Kittikhun Bhukhongkha. Here follow some key points of the group evaluation.

What is the key take away?

  • Ideologies of social and rural development of CEDAC
  • Entrepreneurial spirit of young generation in the Natural Agri Product farm Cambodia
  • Technical knowledge and hands on experience, canal system in the farm is very interesting, youth banking model can be implement in my country
  • Friendship and networking

What I want to celebrate about the programme? (What do see as programme success?)

  • I enjoy intercultural night so much
  • Saving group and youth banking is very inspiring
  • We work together to make our voice heard in world food less day
  • Team spirit and well organizing of TOA and host country
  • Community participation
  • Friendly and collaborative atmosphere, Familyship
  • I want to celebrate the most kindness, humble, great hospitality, friendship, care and love from the whole team and CEDAC community

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