Chula Right Livelihood Summer School 2020


Towards Post-Covid19 Local and Global Food Commons

Friday 3 July 2020

Online Open Forum

BKK timeProgrammeThemes/Questions
09:30 – 10:00Title page + music (cartoon Making Peace with The Earth) Tech Host: INI Team 
10:00 – 12:00Introduction by MCs: welcome all participantsCURLS 2020 “in Bhutan”; 10 years School for Wellbeing. School is now Right Livelihood College (RLC) Bangkok (7 min)
Music for the Trees (invocation)JIP choir, The Netherlands (3-minute video)
Welcome by Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa (Thailand) Right Livelihood and students’ activism in Thailand (10-minute video)
Towards Post-Covid19 Local and Global Food Commons
Introduction by Andre Leu(Australia)(5 min), Moderator Panel conversation with Vandana Shiva (India), Hans R. Herren (Switzerland/USA) (first round 20 mins + second round 10 mins), Kesang Tshomo (Bhutan) (10 mins + 5 mins) Analysis of the crisis (look back to Thimphu Declaration 2014. NOW)Crisis-response of the “organic community”; can organic feed the world? What socio-political (cultural?) context is needed for “organic breakthrough”? Can “local” thrive without “global”?How, what, where, why we ask our partners to join in solidarity / new initiatives for collaboration
Q&A (20 min) Andre Leu Moderator
12:00 – 14:00Making Peace with the Earth: Body, Mind and Sound
 Dasho Karma Ura and CBS&GNH team, ZHICHENKHAR Library for Mind, Body & Sound, Thimphu, capital of Bhutan.Music, sound, prayers, Vajrayana Buddhism perspective on Nature (total 20 mins) 
Making organic agriculture work in Bhutan
Kesang Tshomo (Bhutan)Sonam Tashi (Bhutan)  New sufficiency initiatives in Bhutan (10 mins)CNR and organic agriculture BSc course; field visit (20 mins)
Earth Trusteeship
Alumni CURLS 2019“Earth Trusteeship poem” + free reactions (5 mins)
Neshan Gunasekera (Sri Lanka) & Hans van Willenswaard (Thailand/ The Netherlands); Klaus Bosselmann (New Zealand) Launching Earth Trusteeship Working Group (10 mins)
Uniting the world by organic agriculture/agroecology/education for sustainable development
 Bo Lwin (Myanmar), Kalayana Mitta Foundation (KMF) PhD candidate, Open University (10 mins)
Jessi Dang, Mindful Markets fellows (China)Organic movement in China: overcoming the crisis (2 x 7.5 mins)
Khaab Song by Satvika Goyal CURLS fellow, India (1.5-min video)
Message of Alok Ulfat (India), actorJoin the Himalaya’s Festival (8.5-min video)
CURLS alumni; TOA and YOF Initiatives and Examples of “Work in the Field”/markets/crazy ideas (15 mins)
14:00 – 16:00 Making Peace with the Earth: peace activism and wellbeing policies. 
Panyotai Waldorf Steiner SchoolMusic at the pond with youth and children’s comments on Peace (live from the school 15 mins)
Surichai Wung’aeo, Professor Emeritus, Chulalongkorn University Peace and Wellbeing in Thailand, social role of university in society, student activism (10 mins)
Making Peace with the Earth: disarmament, regenerative cultures and agroecology to combat “climate crisis+”
Poem of Nnimmo Bassey Video (2.5 mins)
Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria), Mona Abouleish (Egypt), Alyn Ware (New Zealand), Rattanasiri Kittikongnapang(Greenpeace Thailand) Moderators: Wallapa & HansRacism, nuclear weapons, GMOs and land grabbing: how can we build solidarity and strengthen the alternative movement? What does conversion of farmers to organic agriculture tells us about possible transformation to Rights of Nature and global citizenship? (80 mins) (4 x 10 x 2) 
 Conclusions & Open Communication 

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