Chulalongkorn Right Livelihood Summer School (CURLS) 2022

24 June 2022

“Co-creating ECO-PEACE”Asian Peoples’ Consultation on Global Citizenship and Food as a Commons

The public FORUM “Food as a Commons and the We The Peoples Campaign for global citizenship”

The session was opend by Caroline Vernaillen – Belgium, Democracy International. Democracy International, based in Bonn, is one of the three organisations – together with Democracy Without Borders and CIVICUS and partners– who initiated and coordinate the We The Peoples campaign for inclusive global governance:

The forum created a platform for sharing and cocreation around 1. Can we make a new – “revolutionary” – leap in civil society collaboration from the point of view “food as a commons” toward a perspective of global citizenship? and 2. Can we connect from “food citizenship” to Eco-Peace? Can we move our energy from military security concepts, including a competitive “Indo-Pacific strategy”, toward civil society and ecology driven ECO-PEACE collaboration? Food sharing activism and Earth trusteeship for climate justice?

Facebook Live:

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