International Forum for Wellbeing

Wealth, Happiness: What indicators to Build Tomorrow?

6-8 June 2018, Grenoble, France

TOA in collaboration with College of Natural Resources (Bhutan), Metta Development Foundation (Myanmar), and Rural Development Agency (Lao PDR), supported by CCFD Terre Solidaire (France) participated in International Forum for Wellbeing, to strengthen and build connection among TOA partners and a wilder network towards sustainable development and wellbeing societies, and to share TOA partners and network working experiences on Young Organic Farmers, Mindful Markets & Active Consumer, Organic Farming Participatory Action Research, and Technical Support, integrated and collective works for sustainability and resilience.

TOA delegation participated and shared the experience in various topics as follow:

  • Wellbeing visions of Asia 
  • The plenary session “Other models and compasses”
  • Farming practices: sharing culture and knowledge
  • Agro-ecology: A Radical Middle Path to Wellbeing Society

After the forum, TOA delegation discussed and planed on The Political Economy & Agro-ecology Action Research: A Collective Action of TOA Network. From presentations at the Wellbeing Forum, Grenoble, often addressed socio-political challenges. It was good to discover that “Wellbeing, Happiness, Buen vivir, Ubuntu” are not, as often perceived, “soft” issues but in many ways have strong messages about real problems and challenges, and sources to overcome these. Our TOA presentations equally pointed at socio-political aspects of agro-ecology. The situations we reported in our countries are often deeply concerning us, and the target groups we are working with, in particular farmers, rural communities and consumers.  Therefore, to strengthen advocacy for agro-ecology in the region we need more collaboration and academic support towards evidence that can change the mindset of policy makers and citizens.

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