TOA Executive Committee Meeting 2016

12 May 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam

Executive Committee meeting’s participants and rotation

The following TOA partner representatives were appointed as EC members for 2 years.

Country Representative (2016 – 2017) Representative (2018)
Bhutan Mr. Sonam Tashi CNR Ms Kesang Tshomo NOP
Myanmar Mr. Gum Sha Aung Metta Development Foundation Mr. Bo Bo Lwin KMF
Laos Mr. Khamphoui Saythalat PADETC to be confirmed
Cambodia Mr. Sam Vitou CEDAC Ms Ayumi Matsuura IVY, (to be confirmed)
Thailand Mr. Nakorn Limpacuptathavon City Farm Supa or Bao AAN, (to be confirmed)
Vietnam Mr. Duong Quang Chau SPERI Viet Herb (to be confirmed)

(The table presents members of each partner countries who attend Executive Committee in 2016 until 2018)

The conclusion of the discussion shows that all representatives agree to manage Executive Committee meeting twice a year (once coincide with the annual TOA partners meeting) and the participants in the meeting will be rotated every 2 years. The 2 years rotation will prevent difficulties and confusion of coordinators when they switch between organizations and losing the continuation. EC members are willing to communicate with TOA members in their country and coordinate activities.

Moreover, a charter and the brochure should be provided because it will help to clarify body,mission, rules, and standard. The draft of charter and brochure are able to work out by receiving comments from partners and passing around through email.Therefore, they should be completed before the next Executive Committee meeting. In the next EC meeting, the representatives could endorse them formally and share them among networks later.

Future of TOA

  • Know and learn more about TOA partners including grow the member of partners in Asian region and concern the quality as well
  • Build and strengthen networks
  • Play more dynamic role and work on policy change
  • Generate more income for stability of TOA’s finance
  • Increasing working group from the present four is unnecessary but rather emphasis the particular work such as social enterprise
  • The TOA coordinator is employed by Suan Nguen Mee Ma social enterprise as the legal entity of School for Wellbeing under the mandate of the EC. Other team members could be employed by various TOA partners
  • TOA could be a learning center for grassroots movements, and platform for advocacy
  • TOA’s vision and focus need a clarification

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