Mindful Markets Social Enterprise Course 2018, Apply Now!

Towards Sustainable Food Systems

11-23 September 2018

Mindful Markets are alternative approaches to shaping food systems based on full awareness of interconnected factors and driven by the principle of “Organic Food for All.” Mindful Markets focus on long term relationships between farmers and consumers provide access to healthy food and promote wellbeing for stakeholders.

We need to bring organic out of the niche into the mainstram
and position organic as part of multiple solution needed to solve
the tremendous challenges faced by our planer and our species.

Mathew John, member of IFOAM World Board
And founder of the Keystone Foundation, India

The course is a step in a mutual learning process between producers and consumers with a crucial role for social enterprises to mediate. Alternative marketing will help improve both farmers’ and consumers’ quality of life.

Content : The 4 modules

Module one: Sharing Vision – Participants share and develop their social enterprise vision and mission. A number of experienced and successful social entrepreneurs share their work, the challenges they have faced, how they have succeeded, and their visions forward. Ample time is given for question and answer, allowing participants to consult their own challenges in their development. Time is also given to internalize learnings so participants can incorporate ideas into their business plans.

Module two: Mindful Markets Asia Forum.  This Forum now in the 4th year, welcomes speakers and participants from Thailand and around Asia to share their stories as  producers,consumers and social entrepreneurs in the mindful markets approach. It has become a strong network of practioners in this area. The course participants will be included in the programme, with their presentations developed in Module 3. Other participants in the Forum may provide feedback or may become potential collaborators.

Module three:Learning Journey. In this module we visit social enterprises in action, learning in more detail how they operated and managed, both in the rural(producers) and urban (consumers) context. With different sizes, scales,products, and services, we will learn a broad exposure on different paths and success factors.

Module four: Business Plan Realization and Presentation. With mentoring support from the Mindful Markets Social Enterprise team and guest experts, the participants willbe assisted to develop a strong and striking presentation of their business plan. This will be a key and organized tool to help the participants to clarify their vision and thus gain interest and support from potential collaborators.

For more information please contact: Narumon Paiboonsittikun
Tel: +66 (0)81 578 3338
Email: towardsorganicasia@gmail.com

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