Chula-UNESCO Conference

Towards Organic Asia (TOA) panel discussion

23 – 25 January 2018

TOA conducted one presentation and two panel sessions.

Social and Sustainability Science in ASEAN: Agri-Food Systems, Rural Sustainability and Socioeconomic Transformations

Hans van Willenswaard was one of the presenters in the session on Sustainable Food Production in ASEAN. He presented about Earth Trusteeship, C.G. Weeramantry-  “The concepts such as ownership are often taught and conceived in Western jurisprudence as being of absolutist nature, which is the very antithesis of the Buddhist approach to these concepts. Their stress on rights overshadows the accompanying concept of duties, and the latter is what Buddhist teaching tends to emphasize. This elevated concept of duties lies at the heart of the notion of trusteeship” and other more. Also, Hans mentioned perspective appearing in the Constitution of Bhutan 2008 that “every Bhutanese is a trustee of the Kingdom’s natural resources and environment for the benefit of the present and future generations”. Hans also discussed about difference between old framework and new framework on Earth Trusteeship before moving onto Earth Trusteeship Platform which includes enabling global exchanges and networking among interested persons and organization, interdisciplinary research by experts and dialogue with stakeholders, including spiritual leaders, Conference in The Hague 2018 in the framework of “70 years Universal Declaration of Human Rights” and Advocacy targeting UN & governments, local and global civil society and “circular economy” networks.

Panel discussion- Agroecology as new development path: food security for future generations, Moderated by Narumon Paiboonsittikun

Chula Unesco Conference-02
  • Organic/ Agro-ecological Farming in Myanmar: Opportunities, Constraints and some selected Case Studies, by Sai Sam Kham, Metta Development Foundation
  • Comparing wellbeing between organic and chemical farmers. Why social engagement leads to more happiness and better economic benefits, by Kaedtisak Yangyuen, Alternative Agriculture Network
  • Securing indigenous land rights by the recognition of customary law; and the importance of seeds saving for biodiversity. Finding appropriate social entrepreneurship models for indigenous peoples in Vietnam, by Dang To Kien, Community Entrepreneurship Development Institute
  • The growing TOA Young Organic Farmers movement and video project, by Kittkhun Bhukhongka, Towards Organic Asia

Panel discussion- Towards Organic Asia (TOA) panel discussion on ‘Can organic agriculture feed Asia?’ Moderated by Narumon Paiboonsittikun

Chula Unesco Conference-03

From left to right: Wallapa van Willenswaard, Sam Vitou, Chanthalangsy Sisouvanh and Dr. Sonam Tashi.

  • Bhutan to convert to a fully organic country – challenges and way forward, by Dr. Sonam Tashi, College of Natural Resources
  • Urban Migration on Entrepreneurship and Local Economy in Laos and rural organic garden promotion, by Chanthalangsy Sisouvanh, Rural Development Agency
  • From subsistence rice farmers to becoming farm entrepreneurs and key actors in local development in Cambodia, by Vitou Sam, CEDAC Cambodia
  • Consumer – producer collaboration and social enterprise training for food system leadership: Asia-wide networking towards food literacy and socio-economic transformation. Can we outscale Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) towards (larger scale) consumer – producer? by Wallapa van Willenswaard, TOA Advisor

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