International Gross National Happiness Conference

3rd November 2015 in Bhutan

After the 2nd Executive Committee meeting at Royal University of Bhutan on 3rd November 2015, all participants traveled to join International Gross National Happiness Conference 2015 which held on 4th – 6th November in Paro, Bhutan. The conference focused on sharing research findings and emphasized the application and linkages of such indicators to guide policy and decision-making.

The resourceful three-day conference, publically-engaged series of talks and presentations addressed shortcomings of GDP-centred approaches in development, alternative development approaches, measuring wellbeing and the need for new indicators to track progress and change etc. Realizing that GNH, grown and nurtured occurs only in Bhutan, therefore, it hardly survives, unless cross- fertilization of innovative ideas from all countries and cultures are welcomed. The positive international exchanges have resulted in global recognition. A French group including a delegate from parliament (Green Party) and CCFD volunteer team contributed to the diversity and liveliness of the conference. TOA partner from Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand actively participated while the local TOA partners played on important role; Dr.Sonam Tashi of CNR presented his views on Youth and the future of Agro-ecology.

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