Dawei Festival: Food Ecosystem, Food Culture, and Food Sustainability

28 November 2022

Sathrakoses-Nagapradipa Foundation, Klong San, Bangkok

TOA collaborated with the commons network in Thailand to development a platform on “Food as a Commons”. The network agreed to work together on the Food Festival, in order to communicate and exchange about food issues in 5 aspects are 1) Food and Culture, 2) Food and Threat, 3) Food and Market Mechanism, 4) Food and Consumption Behaviour, and 5) Food and Accessibility, Food for All.

The commons network created a food calendar, to share and collaborate the activity about food within the network, there were Nan Festival on 14-16 October, Food Festival: People, Culture, Ecosystems, and Food on 12 November. TOA also connected Moken Ethnic Group with Dawei Migrant Workers in Thailand, to discussed about Food Ecosystem, Food Culture, and Food sustainability of the minority people, to exchange the knowledge and update the current situation of the people who live in the coastal area, and to strengthen the collaboration between Thailand and Myanmar.

A panel discussion, 2 representatives, Wittawat Thepsong and Orawan Hanthale, from Moken Network shared about the food culture of Cha Lay Community that indicate the balance and the abundance of the marine ecosystem, the sisterhood and brotherhood of people in the Andaman Sea, and the threat of the National Forest Policy, the Tourism Policy, including Climate Change Act without people participation. Phyo Sanndar Lin and Praphaphon Preeyapatvorrasakun, from Dawei Community, also shared that people in Dawei are facing the similar issues. Dawei people are living peacefully and harmoniously with nature but these are changing because of the laws on the fishery and the sea which are developed by the central government and the official who have never been to the sea. Therefore, people in Andaman should get together and plan for community resilience.

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