Young Organic Farmers Films: A Journey of Hope

January – March 2018, Thailand and Cambodia

In early 2018, the third and fourth film was produced in Myanmar and Vietnam.

In Myanmar, the 3rd film- Young organic farmers in Myanmar were Interviewed In this supported 3rd film by Kalyanamitta Foundation on The journey of Hope: Home

Film Link: the Journey of Hope#3

The 4th film- Young farmers and HEPA staff were Interviewed In this 4th film on The Journey of Hope: Root In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors Vietnam.

Film Link: The Journey of Hope #4

For more Video, please visit YouTube : Towards Organic Asia

The working group traveled across Mekong region – Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam to film the story of young organic farmers for publication. The project successfully produced 4 short films that allow the YOF’s voices to be heard by larger international audiences. The films have been promoted through both online and offline channels. The project published the video on Youtube, Facebook and website as well as screening the film in the conferences and exhibitions.

The films were warmly welcomed by the audiences so far. The positive feedback includes inspiration, beautiful footages and narration as well as the representation of voices from different areas in the Mekong region. The project faced some obstacles along the way, for example, language barrier and Immigration regulation. However, with firm support from the Towards Organic Asia network, the team overcame the shortcomings and pushed the project forwards successfully.

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